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Ukraine Solidarity Bus

grassroots humanitarian aid for Ukraine

What we do


info about what is needed in Ukraine and organizing supplies accordingly.


humanitarian aid, mostly medical supplies, to Ukraine. Inside Ukraine, supplies are distributed by our partners.


people to flee the war in Ukraine. On the way back to Berlin, we provide transport to refugees.

About us

We are Berlin based volunteers. As Russia attacked, we came together to quickly organize refugee transport in Ukraine. Since then, our focus has shifted to delivering humanitarian aid, particularly medical supplies. We’re all working on a volunteer basis; nobody earns any money with this work. Through our contacts in Ukraine, we don’t buy and transport stuff blindly to Ukraine, but we know exactly what is needed, and we limit our transports to the stuff that is actually of use.

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Our partners

palyanytsya logo

A volunteer organization delivering (medical) supplies in many regions in Ukraine.

Marsh Zhinok Logo

Marsh Zhinok
Ukrainian feminist organization supporting women during the war in Ukraine.

Women Help Women logo

Women Help Women
An international activist non-profit organization working on worldwide access to abortion.

Hilfsnetzwerk für Überlebende der NS-Verfolgung in der Ukraine

Network for Survivors of the National Socialist persecution in Ukraine
A support network of organizations, foundations and places of remembrance in Germany dealing with Nazi crimes in Ukraine and maintaining long-standing contacts with Nazi persecutees, experts and local cooperation partners.

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
One of the major political foundations in Germany, representing democratic socialist positions with an internationalist focus.

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Ukraine Solidarity Bus